IT Networking

Domain Registrars forms the global backbone the Internet. Knowing how IT Networking happens is key to making your business successful.

BSAConsulting is working towards certifications in in CompTia A+ and Network+ certificates and learning how to be a Fullstack JavaScript developer.

Below are writing samples from these certifications.

Why C-3P0 from Star Wars can teach us about Internet Networking

Why C-3P0 from Star Wars can teach us about Internet Networking

Creating Design Documents

Why create a design doc?

  • It is to make light of all the alternatives a project could have.
  • Flesh out a design amongst people, to start a discussion and solicitation for collaboration from team members. (Kinda like a challenge to see if anybody has a better idea.)
  • Solidifies a project, moves project forward.
  • Provides good documentation for others after implementation.
  • Helps summarize your accomplishments quicker.
  • Saves time in repeating to others what exactly you are doing.

When to create a Design Doc?

It can be for various stages of a project and should be made in a collaborative word editing application.

For a project that is already launched, retroactively go back to design doc and fill out step #1 below.

Design Doc Template

  1. Retroactive Summery: post design implementation
    1. Results of the launch (or not launch)
    2. What metrics did you have?
    3. Which iteration you chose?
    4. What were the learnings?
  2. A Summary of proposal
    1. A few sentences of what you are trying to do
  3. Motivation
    1. Why are you doing this?
    2. What are you expecting?
    3. Hopes and Dreams for the project
  4. Screenshots
    1. Give a quick idea about what this feature is
  5. Design Alternatives
    1. List of alternatives
      1. Pro's and Cons of each alternative
      2. Highlight which alternative were trying to go with, which one is the preferred choice.
    2. Solicitation of other peoples ideas of alternatives, especially from senior people
  6. Other Considerations
    1. Experiments to set up?
    2. How to do logging?
    3. Accessibility references?
    4. Other Documentation?
    5. Anything else?