Online Course

Introducing your brand in online courses.

We offer three consultancy processes for your online course:

  1. Work with you on content and assess what you will need for the online course.
  2. Identify functional areas for improvement.
  3. Manage a proposed plan, from start to launch, with a 60-day plan to develop the online course.

Pricing as a consultant is $40.00/hr.

We can also take a proactive role in course development, help you out doing manual things that will free up your time, will be at a reduced cost rate but for longer term.

Workflow for your online course:

-1 Videos: Depending on the format of the video (talking head) and how many graphics, we would work on a plan to record them. Then we would plan on how to edit a first draft of the videos and then re-submit them to you. Also, the 8-10 min long videos per lessons are at the higher end of effective lesson time... they should be around 6 mins for student attention.

-2 Research and Content Development: Not exactly sure of your subject-matter, but if needed, I can provide research and assist templates for writing scripts for videos.

-3 PDF's and Documents: This can take a while, as it might be more of a learning process as to what kinds of PDF's and Documents you are wanting to be created. If you want graphics developed, I can help you, but Adobe Indesign is not necessarily my strength. I know talented artists (graphic designers and copywriters). So this might be an area you might need someone else to help you.

I want to learn more about your project:

-Is this your first course that you have made? Was that on Udemy, edX, Teachable?

-How long do you think the course will be? Like how many videos or how much content?

-How much content have you made so far?

-What kind of timeline do you have for this course release?

-So how many hours should we work together? That’s a good question of your budget. I know that these kinds of projects take a lot of effort, especially in the script writing (if needed) and the video editing. That is where I can give you very crucial advice on working with a me as a brand strategist and video editing workflow with templates.


The students that are taking your course need to have materials that are accessible. We developed a free online course Building Accessible Online Courses, to help you have a introduction:

I do not do Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Audits for websites but I am happy to recommend groups that do these audits.

Contact me for a free 25 minute chat about your online course goals!

Looking forward to starting this journey with you.

-Blake Anneberg